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Corso di italiano per stranieri

Livello: A1-B2

Anno pubblicazione: 2005

Un corso per adulti e giovani adulti, dall'approccio pragmatico comunicativo e umanistico affettivo.

Contatto is a multilevel course book (from A1 to B2 levels, according to the Common European Framework guidelines) for foreign young adult students and adults who attend Italian courses in Italy or abroad.
It integrates a pragmatic-communicative approach with the systematic study of grammar. It contains a wide selection of authentic texts, chosen for the interest of their contents, and for their sociolinguistic and generic variety: every text is explored through exercises of analysis and reuse, graded according to difficulty. The elements of Italian civilization and culture are highlighted in the texts, in the Comparisons between cultures and in the file sections.
At the end of the volume there are a Learning strategies section, some files with advice and exercises for each of the language skills, which aid the memorization and systematization of already acquired vocabulary, and a Functional and grammatical synthesis appendix.

The didactic itinerary of each unit envisages:
- the revision of pre-acquired knowledge, and the formulation of hypotheses(in the To start out section);
- the comprehension of texts (oral and written) and the practice of new language functions(in the To understand section);
- the development of vocabulary (in the Vocabulary section);
- the analysis, the reconstruction and application of grammar rules (in the Grammar section);
- the distinction and articulation of sounds and of intonation patterns (in the Pronunciation section);
- the creative reuse of knowledge and the carrying out of projects (in the Free Production section);
- the systematic study of forms and structures (in the Synthesis section).

The course volumes are conceived using a didactic autonomy logic which, while preserving a structural continuity, allows great flexibility of use.

Beginner-elementary level: introducing oneself; public services; everyday habits; eating and drinking; moving around town; travelling; shopping; family and studies; the house; health.
Dossier “cultura”: free time; some geography; the made in Italy; the population.

Intermediate level: talking about oneself; occurrences and past events; emotions and feelings; travelling and holidays; free-time, leisure and culture; professional environment; family and social roles.
Culture files: famous Italians in the world, Italian detective novels, holidays, people of the night, economy, the 21st century family.


Exercise books for the certificates + Audio CD
The exercise books for the certificates are designed for those who, even in a self-learning situation, wish to obtain one of the Italian for foreigners certificates that are recognized by the Ministry of Education (CILS, Certificato di Italiano Lingua Straniera – from the University for Foreigners of Siena; CELI, Certificato di Lingua Italiana of the University for Foreigners of Perugia; PLIDA Programma Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri).
The exercise books contain some guidelines for the structure of the exam, and exam simulations. At the end of the volume there are the transcripts of the listening exercises, and the keys to all the exercises.

TitoloPagineCodiceISBNPrezzo  ISBNPrezzoAcquista 
 Volume 1 + CD Audio [A1-A2]3322657978882012657535,60Scuolabook978885770140035,60
 Volume 1A + CD Audio [A1]1680999978882010999819,20Scuolabook978885770144819,20
 Volume 1B + CD Audio [A2]1681105978882011105219,20Scuolabook978885770145519,20
 2 CD Audio per la classe 1 [A1-A2]7797978882017797314,10
 Guida per l'insegnante 1 [A1-A2]160266397888201266368,70Scuolabook97888577014248,70
 Volume 2A + CD Audio [B1]2324140978882014140025,20Scuolabook978885770146225,20
 CD Audio per la classe 2A [B1]782697888201782607,70
 Volume 2B + CD Audio [B2]2244141978882014141724,70Scuolabook978885770149324,70
 CD Audio per la classe 2B [B2]700797888201700737,70
 Guida per l'insegnante 2 [B1-B2]2242664978882012664310,90Scuolabook978885770152310,90
 Eserciziario per le Certificazioni 1 + CD Audio + soluzioni [A1-A2]722660978882012660513,40Scuolabook978885770141713,40
 Eserciziario per le Certificazioni 2A + CD Audio + Soluzioni [B1]64266197888201266128,70Scuolabook97888577014798,70
 Eserciziario per le Certificazioni 2B + CD Audio + Soluzioni [B2]64259397888201259368,90Scuolabook97888577015098,90
  • Italiano per stranieri

    Portale di risorse gratuite offerte a chi studia e a chi insegna italiano per stranieri e come seconda lingua. Offre numerose attività didattiche: esercizi per sviluppare la comprensione scritta e orale, audio, video e giochi.

  • Bonacci editore

    Il portale contiene le risorse dedicate ai titoli di di Bonacci editore.Un marchio fondamentale nella storia dell'insegnamento dell'italiano per gli stranieri.


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